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There are many factors that go into why you should choose a particular vending company over another.  Listed below are just a few reasons why you should choose TIVIS VENDING COMPANY.


Tivis Vending is dedicated to providing top notch customer service. We have over 25 years of logistical and supply experience, which means you can rest assure that all your needs will be taken care of.


A true pioneer in the industry. Our machines are modern and we use top of the line technology. We will install state of the art vending machines that enables us to see when products are low or sold out.


Our machines accept change, $1 bills and $5 bills. With the added card reader, they also have the ability to accept credit/debit cards and pay by cell phone options such as Android & Apple Pay.


We have complete data on every sale which allows us to know which items are preferred at different sites. We use that information to ensure that the snacks you like, are stocked in the machine. Furthermore, we allow you to choose what items you would like at your location.

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